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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Commonweal Activities


Creating a Better Society

"Making better products, creating a better society" is JAC enterprise prospect. JAC not only through making better and higher quality vehicles to improve peoples' working and living conditions in direct or indirect way but also to fulfill its own social responsibility in various ways, for examples:

1. From 1996 until now, JAC has donated 5,000,000 Yuan to Chinese" The Hope Project" and has established five "The Hope Schools". It manifests our love for the poor area's educational work.

2. From 1st Oct.1998, JAC has donated 100 Yuan to National Forest Bureau every time it sells one light-duty truck. We can see that JAC bares the responsibility of protection the forest and environment.

3. On 12th May, 2008, WenChuan was occurred the 8.0 magnitude strong earthquake. JAC sent people, vehicles and donated commodity support materials immediately to the disaster area. We struggled with our compatriots together. Our contributory vehicles, cash and materials to the disaster areas valued 20,000,000 Yuan.


JAC Automobiles through KeKeXiLi and With Olympics

August, 2007, JAC motorcade started from Hefei through 10 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, traveling more than 13,000 kilometers and lasting 25 days to complete the "Pursuing Dream 2008- Rein" public welfare activity.

During the journey, JAC motorcade though the North Tibet unpopulated area and KekexiLi where natural condition are very severe and rigorous.

This activity has not only showed the JAC Rein's strong cross-country performance, the strong power ability, and outstanding quality. It is also a good activity of civilians who welcome the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.



JAC SRV---Rein

Travels the Long March Road Again

8th Sept. 2006 JAC with Ministry of Public Security held "People's Police Took the Long March Road Again" commemoration. Along the footmark of Red Army, through 1 month, 11 provinces and near 15000 kilometers, Rein with People's Policeman climbed the snow mountain, travelled through the grass and successful completed the different complex road conditions' serve test. Its remarkable quality obtain the Chinese polices and vehicles lovers high praise.


JAC Motors---Gone With Olympics

28th May, 2008 The Olympic torch continues its relay in Hefei- its first leg in Anhui province. Before the torch relay started, a minute of silence was held in honor of the quake victims. Along the 10.8 kilometer route, residents cheered as they displayed banners showing support for the quake victims. "Cheer up China" "Hold on WenChuan".

The flame ignored the patriotic passion of Hefei citizens successfully and transmitted the pray for China and quake victims. An Jin, the general manager of Anhui Jianghuai co.ltd received the honor of being the 60th torch bearer. As the representative of national independent automobile manufactory, JAC bears "Making better products, building a better society" as its historical responsibility. When the powerful earthquake struck China's Sichuan province in WenChuan 12th May, JAC has taken immediate active to support our compatriots in quake-hit area. Our vehicles and staffs emerged in the front lines and took part in the relief operation at once.

The vision of better world is at the heart of the Olympic Movement. That why JAC has honor to relay the torch. We strive for making high- quality and more eco-friendly automobiles for our customers around the world. Our goal is to make their life easier and to create a more harmonious society.

After carried the Olympic flame, the general manager An Jin received interview of CCTV Olympic program. He said that JAC has ready for make contribution to reconstruction of quake-hit area and prayed they would revivals after this disaster as soon as possible.

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