JAC JAC Motors Culture

Making Better Products; Building a Better Society.

In the furious marketing competition, JAC has been keeping the high growing rate for 15 consecutive years, a wonder in China auto industry, which mostly benefits from the cooperative culture construction.

JAC Culture is the source powering JAC bigger and stronger. From many years accumulation and strategic business development demand, JAC refines its sense of value, entrepreneurship, common vision, learning idea, talent conception, shaping the characteristic "JAC Culture".

We are making our effort to gain a better life for human. Our vision is making better products, to create a nicer society. Besides making products of higher quality and better performance for our customers, we are enriching the meaning of our brand, making more contribution to our society.

People are great with dream. We take it as our historic mission to renew & develop our own brand, encourage our national auto industry, and construct ourselves as world-class auto manufacturer. Never self-satisfied, with progressive and robust development we are building a great enterprise.

Organizational learning, together with systematic creativity, has become JAC's core competitiveness. Learning from whoever and whatever we can learn and during that, we improve ourselves. With organizational learning, we perceive things to the nature, consider systematically, improve JAC's systematic creation, strategic decision making and resources conforming ability, and construct a high quality managing group and staff crew, which guarantees JAC the ability to provide better products, better service and more value to our customers.

We believe every person that devotes himself to doing his job better and make more contribution is talent. We create fair and just development opportunities for everyone, integrating the business development to staff's individual improvement, spiritual satisfaction and material life upgrading.

Drawn by the vision, with passion of pursuing excellence and heart of giving thanks, we will continually providing better products and more value to our customers, more favored development opportunities and richer material and spiritual life to our staff, contributing more to our society and creating more fortune. We believe, by our effort, the business of JAC will be more glorious.

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