JAC Passenger Vehicles Refine
JAC Refine

Perfect stylish design, extensive safety system, comfortable and luxurious driving experience. JAC Refine, a high performance to price ratio MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) for the modern driver.

It has the largest space (1.820 m) among multi-purpose vehicles.

It has the largest volume (5.72 m³).

Slide-locking intermediate door can open to 710 mm while the rear door area is 1850 mm.

Stylish design matches with current international trends.
Vehicle dimensions are 4740 x 1820 x (1880-1950) mm.

Rear end reduces wind drag improving stability under high speed.
New curved rear window enhances your vision.

New diamond-shaped main headlights for better illumination.

Good combination of high-mounted braking lamp and tail lamp improves driving safety.

Side/wing mirrors.

Soft interior trim uses advanced environment-friendly materials, providing great sound and heat insulation.

Convenient cup holder and storage bin for your convenience.

Automatic air-conditioner with front and rear independent control system to allow better control of the cabin's temperatures changes.

Six-track surround sound FM radio system with CD/DVD player and a big screen DVD provides you with your very own mobile home theater.

Ergonomic center control console for easy reach.

Adjustable gauges providing a cool glow to reduce eye strain.


Adjusts the braking automatically based on the vehicle's weight distribution to provide a more stable and safer stop.

Anti-glare rear view mirror

Dual front seat airbags

Three point seat belt

G4JS or 4GA1 gasoline 2.4 engine, 4 cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC, low RPMs, high power.

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