JAC Passenger Vehicles Rein
JAC Rein

Excellent cross-country capability.

The world's best all-time 4x4, with advanced McPherson front independent suspension and multi-rod independent rear suspension, 207 mm ground clearance, and can tackle a maximum grade of 40°.

Rein balances comfort and security with adventurous and intrepid driving! Whether you drive in cities or play in nature, Rein makes your journey special.
Ride and enjoy life with Rein!

Exquisite Body Design:

The trendy body design with stereoscopic corners and racing-car body style makes it sporty yet elegant and embodies classic Italian sculpture.
Rein makes your every journey memorable!

Colorful Hawkeyed Head Lamp:

Tri-color lighting assembly (jewelry blue, crystal silver, cumquat yellow); colorful, elegant, fashionable, and functional.

Fog Lamp:

Having high permeability, the extra safety provided by these fog lamps will put you at ease.

Spacious Interior and Fashionable Trim:

The 1875 mm wide cabin is spacious and comfortable. Air-tight design and superb air conditioning ensures a quiet and comfortable ride.

The Hi-Fi audio system and large sunroof will make every drive pleasurable. Rein takes care of every detail to ensure your comfort, satisfy your needs, and accompanies you to your success!

Window Center Control

Center Armrest Compartment

Multifunction Instrument Panel:

Multifunction center display screen shows: ASL information, outside temperature, and navigation aids. Indispensable road tools that ensure you have all the necessary information on your adventure.

Air Conditioning:

The air conditioning system is fully automated and maintains constant a temperature and air flow, including to those in the back seat.

White Cool Light:

The latest instrument panel design provides information on large easy to read sporty gauges with a cool white light that is easy on the eyes.

Safe and reliable braking system with ABS, EBD, and front and rear disc brakes.
Protective features, such as airbags, a monologue structure and front/rear fenders with built-in steel girder and buffer plates, greatly enhances collision-absorption capability to ensure passenger safety.
Rein offers you a perfect security shield!

Rear dual-fork Swing Suspension

Disc Brake:

Large 294mm front and 284mm rear brake discs provide better braking performance for quick and stable stops.

Front MacPherson Independent Suspension

"MONOCOQUE" High Rigidity Protective Shell:

The durability of a car's skeleton is curial. With added reinforced cross-section side rails, the impact absorption capability is greatly improved allowing Rein to take the hit while protecting its passengers.

Robust Engine Power:

New generation DOHC engine provides high torque at low speed and more power at high speed. A highly efficient intake system increases power output while making the engine more environmental-friendly and fuel-efficient. Rein's Delphi EFI technology ensures superb and smooth performance. Rein meets your expectations on road or off-road!

Perfect Combination of Technologies:

Impeccable quality has assured the Rein SUV's reign in the domestic market. It is now poised to compete on the international market.

Advanced chassis technology and the driveline system guarantee superb performance. Its dynamic power, user-friendly controls and cozy interiors satisfy one and all.

Exude confidence while you enjoy the extraordinary driving experience with Rein.

All-Wheel Drive

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